Pair of 298:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 6V (Pololu-994)

This gearmotor is a miniature high-power, 6 V brushed DC motor with a 297.92:1 metal gearbox. It has a cross section of 10 × 12 mm, and the D-shaped gearbox output shaft is 9 mm long and 3 mm in diameter. This kit contains 2 motors.

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Key specs at 6 V: 100 RPM and 120 mA with no load, 70 oz-in (5 kg-cm) and 1.6 A at stall.

This Kit contains two motors.



In general, these kinds of motors can run at voltages above and below their nominal voltages; lower voltages might not be practical, and higher voltages could start negatively affecting the life of the motor.

Details for item #994


Almost Exact gear ratio: ~297.92 : 1 4×37×35×3812×9×10×1


Gearmotor Dimensions

In terms of size, these gearmotors are very similar to Sanyo’s popular 12 mm NA4S DC gearmotors, and gearmotors with this form factor are occasionally referred to as N20 motors. The versions with carbon brushes (HPCB) have slightly different terminal and end-cap dimensions than the versions with precious metal brushes, but all of the other dimensions are identical.

Dimensions of versions with carbon brushes (HPCB)


Dimensions of the Pololu micro metal gearmotors with carbon brushes (HPCB). Units are mm over [inches].


Dimensions of versions with precious metal brushes (LP, MP, and HP)


Dimensions of the Pololu micro metal gearmotors with precious metal brushes: low-power (LP), medium-power (MP), and high-power (HP). Units are mm over [inches].

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